Could This Be the Reason Why Prophets are Rejected? By Chaifa Berry, Next Gen Prophet

No matter how mature or refined a prophet becomes, they cannot outrun rejection. However, let's look at common reasons why they are rejected...

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I love watching cooking shows. Right now my family and I watch this one particular cooking show together where teams of 2 fight for the chance to be winner of all. In every episode the teams are given a challenge to cook a specific dish to see who’s tastes the best.

Now there is this one particular team - they are the youngest of the teams, and it shows!

Every time they lose a challenge, their first response would be, “Well, we’re just out of the box you know. We like to take risks.”

As the viewer, you’re thinking, “no, you burnt the rice and it tastes awful!”

Yet, they would be adamant and there was always an excuse, “Oh, we’re just the underdogs here, you know.”

It could never be that their dish was just not as good. As a prophet, you dish up words that are not always palatable. God doesn’t always say warm and fuzzy things. So, no matter how mature and refined you get, you can never run from rejection.

However, let’s face some realities here… is it really the word that they’re rejecting or is it you, that they’re put off by? If it’s the latter, then a little refining is needed. If those two chefs would just admit that they burned the rice, then they would be received, and they could start learning to do it the right way. But until they take ownership of their lack, their growth is stunted.

So, next time you give a Word, ask yourself, who are they really rejecting… you or the word you gave? You cannot change God’s message, but you do have control over you. Imagine being so loved and respected that you could serve any dish - even a hard word from the Lord, and people would say “amen, I receive that word.”

Now that’s a prophet that will get picked up and used again and again.

In this week’s #NextGenProphet podcast Spotlight, Apostles Craig and Colette explore the reasons why the prophet faces rejection. Click to listen and discover how you can become the prophet that is loved and accepted in the crowd, in “Could This Be the Reason Why Prophets are Rejected?”:

With Love and Blessings,

Chaifa Berry
Next Gen Prophet
Toach Ministries International

Chaifa Berry is prophet, pastor and dean of students of the Pastor Teacher School. She is the glue that brings the team together, bringing all the training we offer into focus, internationally. She oversees the spiritual condition of the team members and students. We like to think of her as the “big sister” in our family because if you ever wanted someone to be your “go-to”, it is Chaifa!